ETA % for updates?

Anonymous 5 years ago • updated by bufo 5 years ago 8
Because I'm eager for a new update of basically anything, what about adding in a "% complete for next update" or "X days until next update"? Just something to tell us how long we can hold our breath for until the next update.
Under review
We're fixing a bug another user pointed out, then it should be ready for the AssetStore review.
Any update on this?
The new version is ready, but we're finishing some graphics to show a couple of new features, like this one:

The new Fake3D map.
That's perfect! Looks exactly like what I'm looking for. Purchased the asset but will be waiting for this update to really take advantage of it.
I see this is listing as completed, does that mean a new update will hit the Asset Store Soon?

Yes, the new version (1.0.7) was submitted last week to the AssetStore review. It should be online very soon.
Just downloaded thanks!