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Curious when next update will be? Minor fix for Unity 5

hoodoo 4 years ago • updated by Daedalus 4 years ago 4
Hello - just wondering when you are planning the next update to Daedalus and what features will be in it?

Also, I upgraded my project to Unity 5 and had to rename the "preview" variable because of a conflict with Unity 5 code:

Assets/Daedalus_Core/Editor/Image Effects/CameraMotionBlurEditor.js(92,36): BCE0004: Ambiguous reference 'preview': CameraMotionBlurEditor.preview, UnityEditor.Editor.preview.

Under review
Hi, we are currently working on the Unity 5 version of Daedalus. It should be ready in a few days.

There will be a lot of new features and fixes in the next update; for example, a "Force Room Transversal" option, which will create a better path for the dungeons. Also, new map types are coming: Section Maps and Oriented Section Maps. The first will allow you to use whole custom prefab rooms as tiles, while the latter (expanding from this) will be more suitable for 2D/2.5D games.

In a later update (not the next one), a different algorithm with BSP map generation is coming, which will create totally different-looking dungeons.
Great to hear about the new stuff coming.  Sounds like some cool new features!
Hi, I just left a review for Daedalus on the asset store as I realized I had not done this yet. I'm really enjoying working with Daedalus and wondering if you have an ETA yet for the new version.

There is one minor problem with the barred doors not always opening in the fantasy dungeon. Not sure what the cause is - have you seen this? It's the doors with bars so you can see through them and they sometimes open and sometimes do not open. When they fail to open, the player can walk right through them.
It's on the AssetStore now :)

As for the door problem, we'll look into it and let you know!