Cannot change the wall variations - Unity 4.6 Pro Beta

Anonymous 5 years ago • updated by Daedalus 5 years ago 9
I am using the Sci-Fi map generator as a template and am one-by-one replacing each asset. However, I cannot see a parameter to add my wall variations - am I doing something wrong? No matter what I do I keep getting just the two Sci-Fi types being generated everytime.
check the Size parameters inside the prefab tile proprierties, it must be at least 1 to show an object in the array list.
Hey there,

What I mean is, there is no option to change the wall variations. I've attached a screen shot to show what I mean.

The screen shot above shows a column prefab in each wall option available - I can't find the option/parameter to replace "SciFi01_CorridorWall_01" and "SciFi01_CorridorWall_02", which are the Sci-Fi wall prefabs being placed into the scene.
In the Choice row, you can click the circle to open asset browser or drag a prefab in directly the Choice field.
Hi again,

That's not what I am having problems with - apologies if I didn't make this clear enough, I'll try again to explain.

You have two wall segments provided in your Sci-Fi example: "SciFi01_CorridorWall_01" and "SciFi01_CorridorWall_02"; both of which are generated in the scene when a level is created. I wish to replace these particular segments with my own wall model. However, if you look at the options available under the physical map component (see my screen shot in previous response) there is no visible option to change them...... There are plenty of wall variations I can change, but these are all types of column models and NO straight wall segments. I cannot workout where this script is pulling those two wall prefabs from.

Does this make sense now?
In this case the suffix _I indicates a straight direction.
Corridor Wall I
Room Wall I
Please can you clarify? The screen shot clearly illustrates that column models are in those particular slots. Replacing them just spawns walls in their place which clips into the two sci-fi wall types I mentioned previously.

In either case, I have found the problem. By switching the setting "Use Directional Floors" to off, the wall segments option has appeared! This must be a bug, as the using directional floors setting shouldn't hide an option to change the walls. Toggle it at your end and you'll see what I mean.

Is not a bug, directional option allows to use directional tiles, so you have to activate it to see related slots. :)

Sorry for the misunderstanding.