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Does daedalus support 2D directional walls?

Jamie White 5 years ago • updated by Daedalus 5 years ago 3
I was wondering if the level generation system can generate 2D directional walls, like in this game? It gives the illusion of a 3d game using sprites.

Many thanks.
Under review
Yes, Daedalus does have 2D/3D directional walls and floors. You can achieve something like this:

Ah yes, I've seen that. But what I was referring to was games that have walls that are "tall". I.e. walls that are 2-3 tiles in height that act as a wall with corners and the like. See my attached image for reference.

Ah, I see. Sorry but at this stage the closest thing is the picture we posted earlier. We'll take your request as a suggestion for next versions, though.