Easy way to add door to first floor of a multilevel building?

Anonymous 5 years ago • updated by IcarusFlight 5 years ago 5
Is there an easy way to add a door to the first floor of a multilevel building? So a player can walk in and out of a building.

Also, is there a setting to cap a building's top floor with a ceiling so the player doesn't see the sky when the player is on the top floor?

Under review
We will add this feature in the next version.

The building's top floor already got a ceiling; maybe you're looking at it from outside, so the ceiling's normals are pointing downwards.
Five months ago, you said you would add this feature in the next version. Has this been implemented in version 1.07? 
Hi, unfortunately, that feature did not make it into this release. We plan to implement it in the next one.

Anyway, one of the prefab used for the perimeter in your map could be a door prefab itself, just make sure to use the correct variation parameter to generate only one of it.
Darn it. Was waiting five months for this. Could you list the step-by-step procedure to get a single door appearing on the ground floor somewhere near the middle of a wall and guaranteed to lead to a room or hallway (and not a rock or unused part of the map)?