Problem with setting Storey Separation

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Generating a multi-story dungeon using the standard dungeon set components.  If I change the Storey separation height to 0 or anything less than 1, then the landings at the top of each stairway are not even with the rest of the floor.  Once you climb up the stairs and move off the landing you can see down to the next level.  I have the latest version (checked for updates last night).

Is there a way to fix this?

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the scene StandardMap_SciFi contains some script setup error.

You can use the following values.
Number of Storeys -  2 (or more, 1 is ground floor)
Max Room Width and Length -  3

Sorry for the inconvenience.

I'm using the DungeonSet01.  I changed max room width and length to 3 but it didn't fix the problem where the top of the stairs is higher than the rest of the floor when storey separation is 0.  I have 3 stories and min 2 rooms, max 3 rooms.

I did notice that now there are lit torches on the first two floors as well as the third (top floor) though.  When I had max room length == 4 and max room width == 3 I was only getting lit torches on the top floor.  So that's a different issue.

Storey Separation is the space between 2 floors. In DungeonSet01 must be set to 1 to fit the stairs height.

About the lights, it depends on the wall orientation.

Try this:
- duplicate DungeonSet01_CorridorWall01Torch and move the particle system and light to the opposite side torch
- set a new name for it
- add it as additional variarion in Corridor Wall Variarions.

It should get more variation.

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