Generator button ????

Anonymous 5 years ago • updated by Daedalus 5 years ago 10
Ive just downloaded this asset and i'm following your videos, I have added the Generator behaviour script but its slightly different that the one in the video and does not have a Generator or save button ?
Hi, did you try to open one of the example scenes that come with the package? Just start from there, the GUI didn't change from those videos, so you should have the same exact interface, maybe you're missing something?
All i get is this with no buttons ?
Well, that's really weird. What version of Unity are you using?
unity pro 4.3.4f1
Is this one of the example scenes? Also, did you just import Daedalus in an empty project, or something else was there prior the import?
That's from the Standard map Fantasy one, I imported it into another project at first but had some errors, so started a fresh project. 
Looks like custom editors are not being loaded. Do you have a GeneratorBehaviourInterface.cs file in the Editor folder? Unity needs that to draw the inspector interface, otherwise it won't work.

I've just re imported the asset and all seems normal now ? Strange, I'll see how it goes thanks for your time. Hopefully that has solved it.
Yep, surely something went wrong in the first import. Daedalus needs all those files in the Editor folder for its interface. Let us know if everything works fine or if you need something else.