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I've installed Daedalus before with unity Unity 4.3.4 free version and was working on my project. Then i upgraded to unity pro and installed version Unity 4.5.0 and i get this error.

Assets/Daedalus_Core/Editor/Daedalus_Editor/GenericChoiceDrawer.cs(9,31): error CS0161: `GenericChoiceDrawer.GetPropertyHeight(UnityEditor.SerializedProperty, UnityEngine.GUIContent)': not all code paths return a value
Under review
Hi, we did not test Daedalus with 4.5 yet, since it's been out for a few days. Anyways, a new version is in the works and it will work with 4.5.
The new version is taking a little bit longer, so here's a quick fix that should make Daedalus work with Unity 4.5: GenericChoiceDrawer.cs
The new versione (1.0.7) was already sent to the AssetStore review. Please allow a couple of days for it to be available for download. For now, please use this quick fix:

1. Follow this post: http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/random-dungeon-generator-for-unity.174147/page-3#post-1669950, just download the GenericChoiceDrawer.cs file and overwrite it in the Editor folder (important!)

2. Make sure you are not trying to add the wrong script. Open the example scenes and test those first. Let us know if you run into any problem.