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Spawn monsters

Anonymous 5 years ago • updated by SphericalCowGames 5 years ago 4
I would like the ability to automatically spawn monsters in random rooms without any coding or scripting required. Thank you! 
You can set up a floor tile prefab with a monster on it and use variation weights to decide how often it will be used in the rooms.

Can I up vote this.  it would be handy to have it built in. you could use this option for loot, monsters, traps, or whatever. 
Some time ago my team scrapped an RPG that had random object placement. As the project was scrapped we never took the code out of draft1, but it may be usable for you (or at least give you a starting point). You can use it freely, no credit required, and feel free to ask questions if you have them.

The only setup required is to put empty game objects on floor tiles and label them either "edge" or "center" (exact names are apparent in the script).

If I remember correctly, we were in the process of going back and turning everything into a percentagePlacement object rather than numbered, but didn't quite get to it.

Anyway, hope it helps!