Why are room door prefabs being set to "static"?

Jamie White 5 years ago • updated 5 years ago 8
For some reason the generator is setting my door prefabs to "static" - this is causing my door controller script to not work.

It is the same when using the Sci-Fi template, none of the door prefabs used for rooms are working as they are static, leaving my player to simply pass through them.
I've now discovered that all static objects are combined into a single mesh before the game starts, so I'm unable to return it to a non-static object during runtime via script. But I still do not understand why room door prefabs are being placed into the static category in the first place.
Under review

please verify that the door prefab is not set to 'static' and the presence of scripts that might set it to static.
If the problem persists, please include editor screenshots to help us understand your problem.
Hi there,

I can confirm that the prefab is not being set to static via script. It is the same prefab I use for the regular passage doors. When a map is generated, the room door prefabs are being placed under the static map game object and are combined into a single mesh. If you have a look at your Sci-Fi example scene and run it, notice how you can simply run straight through the room doors as they have become part of the static combined mesh.
are you using Unity Free or Unity Pro?
Unity Pro, version 4.6 b17 beta.
we found a bug, thanks for the report. :)

We'll release an update in next days on the Unity Asset Store.
If you can't wait please contact us using the form at the URL

No problem :) I can wait!

Many thanks for the update.