Suggestion: pre made — Room prefabs

Anonymous 5 years ago updated by Daedalus 4 years ago 9

I absolutely love the tool. However, so far I wasn't able to add pre made rooms to my levels using the tool. ( Or i am missing something )

In my humble opinion ( or at least current game) It would be very beneficial.
Of course I can always alter a randomized level by placing them manually.

But I think It would be great to be able to drag in some pre-defined rooms and be able to add them to the randomizer.

Another suggestion is mentioned before. A slot for enemy or object spawns could be great.
I've altered the script ( with a backup) to do this manually. But I can see how it could improve it overal.

Thank you!



About the prefab rooms, did you try the Section Maps?

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Did you update to latest version (v1.1.15)? There is a new map type (Section Map) which does exactly what you're looking for: using full rooms prefabs! :)
Oh! Time to revisit the docs I suppose! :)
Thanks for the update!

You may find the docs are not fully updated yet, but don't worry, there are a couple of scenes in the package that will show you how to set up a Section Map. Let us know if you have any troubles with it.
Thanks, I assume it all will figure out once I add my own assets :)

Does section maps support different room sizes with a way to identify entrances and exits?

As per the answer in the other thread, at this stage the sections should all be square and of the same size, but if you use bigger squares, you can develop different sizes rooms inside of them.

If the anonymous original poster still reads these, I'd love to see what you did to alter the scripts to spawn enemies or objects.


All the tiles data is exposed via code (for example, you can get to know what is a floor, room floor / corridor floor, what is a block, what is a wall, etc.). With this kind of information, you could add your own code to spawn your gameplay entities.


About the prefab rooms, did you try the Section Maps?