Implementing Dungeon Builder Starter Kit

Anonymous 5 years ago • updated by Daedalus 5 years ago 8
I want to implement, 


This asset package but asset tile sizes are not fitting well. Are you guys planning something that enables to generate dungeons with other asset store assets?


They have 6x6 10x10 tiles etc.
Under review
You can change the tile size
What kind of map are you using? StandardMap or TileMap?
In TileMaps, each tile must be a square of the same size. I don't know if those two assets would fit, you should check it out yourself if you have bought them, maybe posting a couple of screenshots so we can have a look.
In dungeon builder starter kit, each tile is same size, but i cannot see where can i set tile size.
A trick to know the tile size could be add a cube collider to it.
In the upcoming new update we have added a script to recognize the dimension of the tile.