What new features do you have planned?

Anonymous 5 years ago • updated by Lee Prosser 5 years ago 3
Is there any sort of roadmap on what features you have planned? as I picked this up assuming it was just starting out and you were going to be updating it quite frequently, however there seems to be no roadmap and updates seem to be infrequent.

I am sure you have other projects on so it is understandable, but it would be great to know if there are any new features coming to this asset.
Under review
We have an internal roadmap, yes. But due to its unpredictable nature, we preferred not to make it public. As of now, updates are coming about every 2 months, except for major bug fixes which are being processed immediately as they come out. We'd like to concentrate more on the development of new features of Daedalus, but unfortunately (as you said) we have other projects going on.

Just to keep you up to date, our roadmap includes new algorithms for the generation and a brand new editor GUI. Please feel free to suggest any new feature or idea, we'll see what we can do.
Well personally I would love to see variable corridor widths and some new algorithms, the tile sets from the poll would be good too.