Scenes including 'Generator Behaviour' script can't be loaded in Built game runtime (Unity 4.5)

Anonymous 5 years ago • updated by Daedalus 5 years ago 6
Hey guys,

I LOVE Daedalus, am getting great results with it in-editor (networked the Random Seed with uLink for multiplayer! :). Play In Editor works fine too.

However if I 'Build' the game to run standalone outside the editor, the Scene which uses Daedalus will refuse to load if even just the Generator Behavious script is included in it (just locks up if loaded directly). Since I use the Runtime Generator script too, it's not an option for me to just delete the Generator Behaviour script from the scene. Perhaps the issue is due to Unity 4.5?(I installed the temporary hack script for the 4.5 Editor, maybe there's a different issue with the Built game?

Any help would be greatly appreciated... otherwise I'll have to give up on Daedalus for my game, since I don't think I can debug why this game is locking up just because the script is included... :-P

Thanks a lot for your help!
Don't give up on Daedalus! We're having a look at this issue and will keep you updated.

We have been looking into this issue, and it seems the problem likes in Unity 4.5, which seems to corrupt files when using custom draw inspectors. Please refer to this thread on the Unity forum: http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/after-upgrading-to-unity-4-5-windows-build-hangs-with-no-error.254029/

Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about it, as the problem arises while using standard Unity code.
We have reported this to Unity devs, and we hope they'll fix this issue for 4.6. In the meantime, we suggest you either switch to Unity 4.3 or that you build your game for Webplayer, for testing, since that doesn't have problems.

Thank you for the report and let us know what you think.


fortunately, this seems to have been fixed in the latest verison of Unity (4.5.2). :)