Great tool, can we use prefab assets?

Anonymous 5 years ago • updated by Daedalus 5 years ago 1
 This is such a useful tool. Was just wondering, is there a way we can adapt prefab assets ( e.g. the excellent "Shanty Town" walls & doors on the Asset Store ) for position & rotation before passing them to the Daedalus generator? There are some spiffy walls on there, but if the default rotation isn't what Daedalus wants, it doesn't seem to matter what transforms I add to the prefab, Daedalus will draw it at the same angle ( i.e. 90 degrees out of whack ). 
Under review

you can tweak the rotation using a simple Unity cube as father of the Prefab hierarchy.

- put the wall in your scene, at position 0,0,0 and the correct orientation
- create a Unity cube primitive at 0,0,0 position and rotation. Set the size to fit the wall volume.
- delete "Box Collder" and "Mesh Renderer" components in the cube
- set the wall as child of the cube
- save the cube with its content as Prefab

At this point you need a column with the correct size (floor tile lengh minus the wall lenght).