Some ideas

Anonymous 6 years ago • updated by Daedalus 4 years ago 4
Brace yourself, here come some ideas heading your way!
1. Unlimited (Or greatly increased) size limit (You already are looking into this, right?)
2. Multiple floors
3. Adjustable tile sizes
4. Greatly customisable maze styles (imagine going through a forest-themed maze with no identifiable tiles)
5. Customisable room styles (Only one room has a particular wall style while the rest are standard)
6. More algorithms! (You're probably also looking into this one too)
7. Alternate paths to the end rather than just one. (Probably goes under more algorithms)

1. This is already possible, just changing GeneratorBehaviour.cs script file and increasing Max_Size
2. Already in the works! See this post here on the Unity forums
3. This is already possible, too; just fire in your graphics and Daedalus will check the mesh bounds to set the tile size
4. This goes together with 6. and 7. (More algorithms); off course there will be more
5. Already in our to-do list! :D

Thank you very much for your feedback!
+1 for suggestion #5. 

Very pleased to hear you've got that one on the to-do list already!