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Daedalus 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 4
We adopted a new system for the discussion forum, so we're posting here the questions we received on the old forum.
Can use Unity NavMesh system with deadalus?

Yep, absolutely. It does work with Unity NavMesh system. In a few days we will release a video about this.
Hi, I was considering buying this on the AssetStore, but first I wanted to know a few things: can this package generate multi-level dungeons? Also, what if I want to do some sort of multiplayer game? How can I manage to create the same map for all the players?

Yes, this is one of the priorities in our roadmap. Next versions will have this feature.

The seed-based generation is what you need, it's already in the current version. You can save a scene with a dungeon object, make all the players load this scene, and just pass in a seed value (e.g., an int value) to generate the same map for all the players.
I have bought this pack today and am experimenting a little.
I have a couple of questions as I didn't find the solution in the documentation and didn't want to sift through the code.
1. Is there a way to specify the minimum distance between the entrance and the exit as to not being in the same room?
2. Will you add the possibility to create a spawn-point on the flour in your code and as such spawn objects on tiles inside the dungeon?
Well otherwise the package is excellent and I will continue to use it.
Thank you in advance.

You can instantiate custom prefabs (for example, a prefab which contains the spawning logic) in Entrance and Exit points; both of them can be in corridors or in rooms. You can't specify a distance, but the main rule is that it will try to keep the two points ad the biggest distance possible.

If you want the Entrance/Exit points to be generated in rooms only, just enable the Force in Rooms option. If this option is disabled, Entrance/Exit points can be generated everywhere (both in rooms and/or corridors).

You are right, the docs are still incomplete (in particular, the Scripting Reference section), but it's already possible to get all type of tiles (corridor floors, room floors, walls, etc.) via code. Have a look at the Visual Debugger in the Window menu to have an idea of what you can grab via code.

Hey, i have been searching for a good tutorial or asset of a dungeon generators and this looks liek it could be the one, but before i go ahead and by it, i have some questions to ask

1:how well does it support 2d sprites, i am aiming to have mine something like "the binding of isaac" but bigger and i was planning on using mostly them

2: how easy is it to modify to work the way i want it to, eg mob spawning ect

Daedalus supports both Unity 2D and 2DToolKit. Unity 2D means sprites, off course, so yes, you can use those.

You can have a look at the promotional pictures on the store to have an idea of how the maps' structure will look like.

There are a lot of options and parameters to customize and fine-tune your maps (both 2D and 3D).

Full source code is provided with the package, so you can extend it as you wish. We have exposed some methods we thought could be useful for users, so for example you can use one of these methods to get all the floor tiles of a room which will return a list of Vector3 positions, and then use that to spawn your enemies, treasure chests, etc.