Feature suggestion: Minimum distance between entrance and exit.

Anonymous 5 years ago • updated by Daedalus 5 years ago 4
Currently, the entrance and exit can spawn in the same room, or relatively near each other.  

This doesn't make for a very good maze, as the player could open the first door out of the area they start in, and the exit could be in the very next room.  Buzzkill!

I would like to propose that either:

1. Exits should try to be as far away from the entrance as they can (good, but not very configurable)

2. Or that the generator could have a minimum distance field that you can set through the inspector, and the entrances and exits have to be at least that far apart.

What do you guys think?

yes, we are thinking of ways to enhance this aspect. Currently, this is done by taking a random starting place and the farthest point from it as the exit using a heuristic, which doesn't however always work. 

I think we'll make the entrance-exit part a post-processing phase (think of an add-on to the interpreter), so that we can safely implement methods such as dungeon-traversing and so on.

I like your second suggestion, I'll try to enforce that configuration aspect too.

Thank you for your suggestions!