Too many doors

Anonymous 5 years ago • updated by IcarusFlight 5 years ago 6
How do I minimize the number of doors in a room? The documentation mentions a "door density" option but I don't see where that option is. Some of my rooms literally have a door on every single wall. I would like each room to have 1 or 2 door max. Thanks!
The parameter was renamed to "Passage Density %" (we are still updating the docs). Also, consider that the number of passages ("doors") depends on several things, such as the map size, the non-linearity %, etc. The generator will always try to ensure that the map is navigable (e.g., there's always a way to navigate the dungeon from start point to exit point). Try to play a little with the generation parameters until you reach the result you want.
Thank you, will play with it a bit. I do notice that sometimes rooms are generated with no doors at all, which would be an instant game-killer if the player or a quest item was spawned inside.

Please add a condition that each room MUST have at least one door. Thank you so much.
Well, that should NEVER happen. Are you sure you are not creating too many rooms (or rooms which are too big) for the map size? Try to increase the Map Width and Length parameters, or decrease rooms number and/or size.
I think it is happening in this type of example scenario (and not always, but once in a while):

1. 10 x 10 map
2. 4 rooms min 4 rooms max (always have 4 rooms)
3. Each room range in size from 2 x 8 on both sides

So in an example generation, I could potentially have one room that is 8 x 8, and one room that is 2 x 8, one room that is 2 x 3, one room that is 2 x 2, and the rest hallways. In other words, a very roomy cavernous dungeon.

The next generation could produce four rooms that are all 2 x 2, with a bunch of hallways filling up the rest. So a very snaking, maze-like dungeon.

This type of setup seems to produce a room with no doors once in a while. I think it would be good if there is always a check on each room so that it always gets a door no matter what the situation is.
We have tried the new version (which will be in the store in a few days) with your values and it seems to work fine. Once you update to the new version, please test it out and let us know if it works for you.
If you look at the final example image on your Unity Asset Store page, I notice that almost every interior wall in each of the rooms has a door on it. One room looks like it has 9 doors.

Has this issue been addressed, so that a room will have 1 or maybe 2 doors at most?

(I'm talking about the image that says "RUNTIME GENERATION Fast Runtime Generation! Give your players a different gaming experience any time they press play!")