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Daedalus maps are cell-based, yes. Even if you use StandardMaps, you will be able to lay out a mini-map from that data, showing what cells are 'full' or 'empty'. Do you have any other specific need?

Sure! Once Daedalus generates map data, it's used to create the physical 3D assets and place them accordingly in the 3D space. But you can just use the same map data to draw your own mini-map (2D/3D).

Have a look through the docs and you'll see how to grab any useful data from the generated map (for example, you can get to know what tile is a wall, a room floor, a corridor floor, etc.).

Hope it helps!

About the prefab rooms, did you try the Section Maps?

All the tiles data is exposed via code (for example, you can get to know what is a floor, room floor / corridor floor, what is a block, what is a wall, etc.). With this kind of information, you could add your own code to spawn your gameplay entities.

Are you using the Fill With Floor options? Because that will spawn both walls AND floors (beneath walls). It's meant to be used for something like destructible environments, where you can destroy walls and still have floor tiles generated underneath.

Yeah, ladders were designed to be more "generic" (e.g., some way to get up/down to the next floor, for example an elevator). Also, tile size plays an important role to avoid ladders/stairs block doorways. In general, something needs to be done to better handle the situation.

"Force ladder" (in Rooms Only, for example) could be a thing.

Hey K Monkey, sorry for the delay, we were about to start having a look at the code, but it seems you were faster :)

We'll test your code and eventually put it in the next update!

Thank you, we'll investigate the problem.

Can you please post a shot with all the settings (and most of all the Last Used Seed, so we can reproduce the exact same map)?