Daedalus is a random maze and dungeon generator add-on for Unity3D. Its purpose is to give game developers a different and quick way of creating game levels, adding a little bit of randomness to them.

Room specific styles

Anonymous 5 years ago 0

Being able to access room information is good, but it would be nice to be able to choose the styles within a room that is generated so that one room can have specific assets/textures and another have different other ones.


Some ideas

Anonymous 7 years ago updated by Daedalus 5 years ago 4
Brace yourself, here come some ideas heading your way!
1. Unlimited (Or greatly increased) size limit (You already are looking into this, right?)
2. Multiple floors
3. Adjustable tile sizes
4. Greatly customisable maze styles (imagine going through a forest-themed maze with no identifiable tiles)
5. Customisable room styles (Only one room has a particular wall style while the rest are standard)
6. More algorithms! (You're probably also looking into this one too)
7. Alternate paths to the end rather than just one. (Probably goes under more algorithms)

Feature Suggestion: Directional Walls in 2D

Anonymous 6 years ago updated by Daedalus 6 years ago 4
Hey there!

Firstly I just have to say, loving Daedalus. The multi-levels work a treat and really give it an edge over other generators I've seen. Seems to be the easiest and most in depth I've used.

However, I use it mainly for 2D and boy, does it work great! It is ideal for my current project and I couldn't be happier. Well, actually I could...
Just as a suggestion for a future update, would it be possible to add directional walls, like with the floors? The floors work impeccably, and having walls that work just as well would make this the go-to asset for 2D dungeon creation.

Cheers for making this product and I look forward to what else you have in store!


ETA % for updates?

Anonymous 6 years ago updated by bufo 6 years ago 8
Because I'm eager for a new update of basically anything, what about adding in a "% complete for next update" or "X days until next update"? Just something to tell us how long we can hold our breath for until the next update.

Feature suggestion: Minimum distance between entrance and exit.

Anonymous 6 years ago updated by Daedalus 6 years ago 4
Currently, the entrance and exit can spawn in the same room, or relatively near each other.  

This doesn't make for a very good maze, as the player could open the first door out of the area they start in, and the exit could be in the very next room.  Buzzkill!

I would like to propose that either:

1. Exits should try to be as far away from the entrance as they can (good, but not very configurable)

2. Or that the generator could have a minimum distance field that you can set through the inspector, and the entrances and exits have to be at least that far apart.

What do you guys think?

can i use it to make an 2d platform game with ladders?

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i'm now making a platform game such as risk of rain,can i use this to make random game level for platform game?

Old questions

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We adopted a new system for the discussion forum, so we're posting here the questions we received on the old forum.

Any way to check if the dungeon is done being generated?

Anonymous 6 years ago updated by Daedalus 6 years ago 2
There's a SendMessage call on the generator, but as far as I can tell, there's no way for an external object to check if the dungeon is done generating.

I'm thinking it'd be good to have a public bool of some sort that you can check, or even change the SendMessage to a BroadcastMessage call so children of the generator object can hook into the DungeonGenerated message.

Obviously, I can change the SendMessage to BroadcastMessage myself, but I thought I'd bring it up (not to mention that every time I do an update, I'd have to change that call again...).

Loving the tool so far, though.  This is the first thing that's hung me up, so it's kind of amazing that up until this point it "just worked".

Suggestion: pre made — Room prefabs

Anonymous 5 years ago updated by Daedalus 4 years ago 9

I absolutely love the tool. However, so far I wasn't able to add pre made rooms to my levels using the tool. ( Or i am missing something )

In my humble opinion ( or at least current game) It would be very beneficial.
Of course I can always alter a randomized level by placing them manually.

But I think It would be great to be able to drag in some pre-defined rooms and be able to add them to the randomizer.

Another suggestion is mentioned before. A slot for enemy or object spawns could be great.
I've altered the script ( with a backup) to do this manually. But I can see how it could improve it overal.

Thank you!

Daedalus 4 years ago

About the prefab rooms, did you try the Section Maps?



Anonymous 6 years ago updated by Daedalus 6 years ago 5
I've installed Daedalus before with unity Unity 4.3.4 free version and was working on my project. Then i upgraded to unity pro and installed version Unity 4.5.0 and i get this error.

Assets/Daedalus_Core/Editor/Daedalus_Editor/GenericChoiceDrawer.cs(9,31): error CS0161: `GenericChoiceDrawer.GetPropertyHeight(UnityEditor.SerializedProperty, UnityEngine.GUIContent)': not all code paths return a value